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Two is the Problem

Hope you all are ready for this post.  I am about to declare the problem in politics in the United States and it is a number – two.  The main problem in our political system is that it is a two party system.  Two!  There is no way, should people vote on straight party affiliation lines, to break that up.  Two is an even number.

First off, let’s look at logistics.  When there is an even number – two is one such number, there is no way to break a tie.  Consequently, voters get the “us” versus “them” attitude from their representatives.  This attitude is not in the issues that are debated and talked about during primaries and campaigns.  This is a two-party attitude.  We – whatever party that is – must be right so they – the other party – must be wrong.

How often does that attitude work for you in life?  You have a fight with a good friend.  You must be right; he/she must be wrong.  Does one of you decide to think maybe I was right/wrong?  We need to talk about this problem.  Usually, in the real world, someone takes a first step and the roads mend and merge again.  In the political world, these steps towards reconciliation do not get taken often enough.

What would help the two party system?  The first thing that would help would be honesty.  If a candidate ran on the way he/she was actually going to vote – as opposed to the way “the party” wants the candidate to sound, constituents would know better what to expect from representation.  The second thing would be a strong third and/or fourth party.  When there are more voices involved in the debate, the honesty comes about naturally.

Are you a fan of our political system?  Do you have a way to improve the current “government is broken” issue?  Have you ever voted for a third party candidate?

14 thoughts on “Two is the Problem

  1. First thing I would do is get rid of the republican party. Then I would get all the conservative dems like Bayh to retire. Then we could get something done in this country, yeah!

  2. hi nicki – yeah, that way of getting through tough times, or a fight or any issue doesnt work well at all. i guess they go in with the idea of losing some of the fight, but its still a battle. like butting heads. rediculous. the thing i always thought was completely absurd was that large companies are allowed to give money to politicians. they should receive a small salary and nothing else. the fact that they get millions of dollars to do what companies want them to do is so obviously insane and corrupt. there should be no money involved. a lot more honesty and fair laws would show up

    1. Ben – Glad you finally found your way over.

      The money issue is going to get worse since the Supreme Court ruling this year on contributions to campaigns. While it does not truly change anything, it does eliminate some of the hoops that corporations use to have to jump through, making it easier for them to influence elections.

    1. Ah, the story of many a voter’s voting.

      I can honestly say I never voted for a Democrat or a Republican for President until, I think, 2000. And, I vote like it is a religion.

  3. I agree. Maybe it worked (but did it?) in the beginning of this country’s government, but now? Gridlock after gridlock. Congress is so focused on the back deals and party line fighting that nothing is getting done.

    It frightens me, actually.

    Well said, Nicki, well said.

  4. It’s like having our country run by two monopolies. If they were businesses they would have been broken up along time ago! The fact that there’s so much wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, so much identifying and grooming of national candidates at the state level and then moving them up because of the party deciding, the fact that any Republicans who work with the Democrats now are in trouble with their party – all these things are horrifying.

    A multi-party system? I don’t know. I look at places that have parliamentary systems, where small parties have weight way beyond what they should have because someone needs their votes, and I see that may not be the answer either.

    But I can say this: I am getting very, very concerned about what I’m seeing in this country. I think it’s scary.

    1. That is a great analogy, Linda. You are right, too. If these two political parties were businesses, they would be illegal and broken up. Strange how we don’t do that in the political arena.

      I do not profess to think that three parties – if the same people are running them – or even four or five are the answer to the problem. In some ways I think the problem is the people themselves. They have become complacent – as have many of the constituency.

  5. The two party system does seem to lend itself to corruption. I hate having to vote for the least frightening canidate and wish there were more options.

    I think the ability to vote straight ticket is absurd in itself. Even when it is an option and I am planning on voting all one party, I refuse to do it. Every canidate should be judged on their own, not by party affiliation. I tend to be much more across party lines in local and state elections.

    Personally, I have problems with both parties right now. I wish I had another option. With all the discontent in the country, I hope I will soon.

    1. I don’t know if I have ever voted a straight party line. Drives my – can’t believe I admit this – Republican-registered sons batty!

      Both parties deserve to receive a very rude awakening but when both are broke, where is the alternative? In NYS, registering as an Independent pretty much means no say come primary time.

  6. I am carefully ignoring a consulting quote request. I have always done my consulting non-local and this is a county-wide contest here where I live. I am not sure I want to get involved.

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