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The Feast of the Epiphany

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany.  It is a celebration of the presentation of the baby Jesus to the Magi.  When I was listening to Deacon George discuss the Magi, I got to thinking.  Sometimes when I think, it is dangerous.

Deacon George, to paraphrase his homily this morning, discussed where the three Magi came from and how disappointed each was for their own reasons.  One Magi came from Persia.  Persia’s religion was a worship of dark and light at that time.  He was looking for a new light for the world and did not think the baby he saw could provide it.  One Magi came from Greece and was looking for a divine, part human, part God figure.  In Greece, there were many Gods who “ruled” over many different areas.  He did not think the tiny baby could be this divine being, either.  The third Magi came from India.  India was full of poverty and suffering.  He wanted a new King who could end suffering.  He did not think the baby was that person.

As I listened my thoughts went to a blog entry from Steve on how we perceive our lives. The Magi were Interpretivists.  They each perceived the baby that they had come to worship through the lens of their own worlds and lives.

We now look back on those times and know that Jesus was just what the world needed.  He took the suffering of the world upon himself.  The Magi from India would be proud.  He was Divine, both human and God.  He would have made the Magi from Greece happy.  He was Light for the world and still is.  The Magi from Persia would be happy.

Do you celebrate the Epiphany?

4 thoughts on “The Feast of the Epiphany

  1. Totally different than what our homily was! But yes, in the end the message was the same…HE is the light of the world!

    1. Gigi – It was not the homily I expected. I actually am unsure what I expected but I did like what I got! 🙂

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