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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Upstate New York is finally paying for the lovely October – okay, so there was one small snow storm, beautiful November and almost pristine December weather that was had.  It is January, a new year, a new decade and evidently a new weather trend – cold.

What is one to expect when living in Upstate New York?  I have lived here most of my entire life so should be use to the cold that comes but this was quick.  It is not welcome at all.  Yesterday morning when I crawled out of bed, the temperatures quickly started going down.  That’s right the sun was coming up but the temperatures were doing a nose dive.  By 7 am, the wind chill was below 0F and it never came back to zero, let alone to positive numbers.

I woke this morning to air temperature of a single digit.  I know nine is so close to ten but still, it was a single digit.  And the wind chill was a negative nine.  Glad I didn’t have to go across the road to get a newspaper out of the box.  If I had, it probably would have stayed there all day.

So what is one to do with this frigid clip of weather?  There are all kinds of indoor activities.  One child is heading to the movies today.  One child is heading back to college today.  This activity will end up making me cold, of that I am sure.

I tend to plunge into writing or reading when the weather dips below the zero mark.  I like to do my workouts – especially my runs – outside but not when I can’t breathe.  I will run inside which is not quite as effective but does keep me active.

I will read.  I have been through two short paperbacks since New Year’s Eve.  I am currently working on a third.  I will read as I can do that all bundled up with a mug of tea on my night stand.

I will write.  I have tons of blog entries in my head.  Out they will come!  Aren’t you readers in for a treat??

I will create.  I have some art projects in mind.  I will find the space I left covered up last year and will draw, paint and create.

What do you do when it is too cold to be outside?  What are your favorite inside activities?

10 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I love January and February but am not liking the real cold this year. Normally, it doesn’t affect me but it seems to be at the moment.

    1. BLW – I love the winter months. I blossom in them as a Christmas cactus (bad analogy as I usually kill plants). Too cold to run in this weather and thought I had the perfect plan. Had to take #5 back to college and he texted his coach and I was all set to run on the indoor track there. They were getting horrible snow so no indoor running at all. 😦

  2. Oh, Nicki, I just hate the cold. And we get our share of it here in Virginia. But I live far enough south of you that I consider this your weather, and I really wish you’d take it back. lol

    I am seriously hoping that this is an aberration and we will get back to our “normal” cold soon.

    If I were a bear, I’d hibernate. But I can’t, so I do my best to pretend.

    I cook. Comfort foods. Yesterday, bean soup. Today, chicken & dumplings.

    I sleep. I do laundry, so I can get the extra heat from the dryer. I surf. I dream of the islands.

    1. That’s funny, Lisa! I made three bean soup yesterday, too. I am thinking it may be the leftovers for dinner tonight or potato soup.

      I have never disliked winter but the cold is cutting through me this year like never before.

  3. We just stay in our pajamas all day when it’s freezing outside! We make a fire and move everything that we normally do in the family room, into the living room. Translation: the mess gets relocated. Ideally, I’d write and read on the bitterest of days but with the two little ones crawling all over me, I can’t make that always happen.

    It was BITTER here today. I think the wind got knocked out of me when I went outside!

    1. Ah, a fireplace! What I would give!!! I lay in bed this morning. It is warmer but still not warm outside. I lay there knowing I needed to get up but wondering just how high I could turn the heat up. LOL

  4. Being geographically close to you, I completely suffer along with … I’ve never minded snow, but the cold? another story!! When it is this cold I stay in and seek the warmth of other’s words and wait for the Muse to thaw out and gift me with her presence in some small way. I used to read, but somehow that has shifted to a warm weather activity for some reason – makes no sense to me! Anyway, I have been enjoying your posts Nicki, keep it up!! (and stay warm)

    1. purple – the reading in warmer weather I totally get. As I do not have a laptop yet (it is coming along as my computer geek son is refurbishing it for me), I write outside longhand and then type up when I have time. I much prefer to sit in the sun or on the screened in porch at night and read in summer.

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