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Carly Fiorina vs Barbara Boxer

The last I had heard of Carly Fiorina she was an economic advisor to Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain (R-AZ).  Highly intelligent, Fiorina was unfortunately also very truthful on the campaign trail.  Her fatal political flaw, as it may be, surfaced when she indicated she didn’t feel either candidate for president was qualified to run a business.  Not the best words to come out of a candidate’s economic advisor’s mouth if you happen to be leading the polls but definitely a bad move if you are not.

Fiorina has taken the first step in what all believe will be a run for the US Senate against current Senator Barbara Boxer.  Even though Fiorina has recently been diagnosed and battled breast cancer, she is 15 years Boxer’s junior so age is on her side.  Unfortunately, California needs all the seniority it can get in the US Senate and the Congress so that will go against Fiorina.

It is expected that Fiorina will run against California Assemblyman Chuck Devore (R-Irvine) in a GOP primary next June.  Devore does not have name recognition or the ability to raise the funds that Fiorina can going for him.  Most likely, Fiorina will – should she make the final decision to run – win the primary.

A GOP primary win will leave Fiorina in need of massive amounts of money to run a successful – or even the looks of a successful – campaign against an three-term incumbent like Boxer and in a state that leans left anyway.  Boxer has already raised over $5 million in anticipation of facing  Fiorina, according to Southern California Public Radio.

While it may end up being a losing battle, California GOP should stand strongly behind Carly Fiorina as she is one of the few candidates with the ability raise funds to be able to run a competitive campaign against Senator Boxer.  She also has the ability to help her own campaign as she is independently wealthy.

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