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Seldom Just an Entry on Cupid.com

I posted this at Cupid.com today.

Okay, so I admit my main blog is at wordpress. I blog almost daily – well, it averages out to almost daily. Take today for instance, I wrote out long hand several entries as I sat outside. I will get them online tomorrow.
What is it a person looks for when perusing an online dating site? I posed this question to a group of married friends and the answers surprised me. I decided I was spending too much time with married women and not enough time out and/or looking for someone to have in my life.
How do you go about looking for someone on any online dating site? I have met people from cupid and people from other personal sites. Even though I am selective in who I am looking for, I do not find the right person. I have tried to keep up with people but seldom does it work. There is so much else going on in life.
The pic here is old – over a year – and it is not a good representation of me. I have contined to run and to lose weight. I just am not sure I want to put up a current pic. Do I want online impressions based on looks? There is enough of that in the real world.
Anyway, you can see my other blog at nickisnook (dot) net and find out a lot more about me.

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