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We spend our lives worrying about the risks we take.  Should we take risks at all?  I have been a member of a Proctor & Gamble focus group called Vocalpoint for several years.  This morning the email that came from Vocalpoint had an article about the risks we should take in our lives.

Many of us live our lives with as little risk as possible.  There are certain things we should get out there and do.  I fell in love with the list of risks we should take when I read the first risk – travel.  The article is spot on with saying if you turn on your television you may never leave the area you live in.  The price of gas is too high.  Airplanes crash.  Travel is important.  Our country is a patchwork of ethnicities and sites.  You need to see the cities in our country – San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, NYC.  You need to see the farms and small towns also – Pella, IA come immediately to mind.

The second risk is exercise.  While you should be exercising to maintain your fitness, your health and the quality of your life, the risk is in trying different methods of exercise.  This makes so much sense since as your muscles become familiar with an exercise, they do not work as hard to do it.  This is one of the reason I vary both the path of my exercise and the length – to make my muscles work each and every day.  The article also discusses varying what you do for exercise.  Switch it up!  I frequently will try new workouts on ExerciseTV onDemand or on

Head over to Vocalpoint and read the article about taking risks.  Make your life more interesting and risk a little.

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