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Special Election Tuesday

No, I do not live in NY’s 20th Congressional District.  I do, though, watch major television stations that cover the 20th.  Normally, this would not bother me as I find it intriguing that I live close enough to Pennsylvania that I would get ads for their elections on television, close enough to the 20th that I would get ads for their election.  I live in the 22nd Congressional District which actually borders a lot of other NYS congressional districts.


Back in the fall, I was seriously sick of the ads for now US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and her challenger for the 20th congressional seat she use to hold.  It took me some research to even figure out why these ads were playing on Binghamton, New York television – price and proximity.


Imagine my pleasure when the RNC and DCCC poured money into the special election to fill Gillibrand’s congressional seat for advertising.  My joy was tempered but fairly loud as I read release from both organizations saying the ads would run out of Albany-based media.  Yippee!!!  I would not have to listen to the dirt-throwing, mud-slinging campaing that was certain to come.


Well, the election is in four days – this coming Tuesday.  And, just like in November, I cannot wait to not have to hear daily, actually many times a day, about Scott Murphy and Jim Tedisco.  I am not thrilled anymore when I read CNN, or other national media, reporting that national money-raising groups are pouring more money into the campaigns.  The most recent CNN report has the DNC running ads stating that President Obama has endorsed Murphy for the seat.


Thank heavens April is around the corner!

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