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March Madness Revisited

I read a column by a Yahoo! sports writer prior to the start of the NCAA tournament.  It was all about being invested in a team and having them let you down.  Well, at least Dan Wetzel still has his dog in the hunt, having fallen hard for Syracuse this year.  


I, on the other hand, am looking at a final four that only two of the teams can possibly show up.  To top that off, they will have to play each other so there is a possibility that I will have the wrong team and have no team in the final.  


I am not a huge college basketball fan.  I follow “my” team – my alma mater, West Virginia University – which is no small feat living less than 100 miles from Syracuse University.  I hardly ever get to watch WVU on TV.  The SU games come first here.  


I do not get into the local, now Division1 university’s play either.  Great that they have managed to move Binghamton University from D-3, then called SUNY-Binghamton, to D-1, definitely it is.  Worth the parking hassle and cost of tickets, definitely it is not.


Anyway, my Mountaineers broke my heart this year.  They were hot before the tournament but not super hot.  They were in and out in the first game, a game I didn’t even get to watch as our local CBS affiliate played the entire Cornell-Missouri game even though Cornell was losing beyond recovery by five minutes into the second half.


My bracket is rather ugly at the moment.  After the first and second rounds, my Midwest region was shot.  After last night, my West region is done.  I am holding out for Pitt and Syracuse to meet in a semi-final game that I will not be watching as it is high school drama weekend.  Hopefully, to help salvage my guessing this year, Pitt will prevail and go on to win it all.

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