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John McCain and the 21st Century – Follow up

I admit that back in July of 2008 I blogged about John McCain and his apparent disconnect with 21st century technology.  I was astonished that he didn’t use email – even with the reasoning being medical – and was concerned that he could not connect with the youth of the voting world without a bit more high tech approach.

I am not saying that John McCain is coming close to catching up with President Obama in tech savvy happenings but someone or something must have rubbed off on him during the months of presidential campaigning.  McCain, according to a political ticker from CNN, now has a Blackberry and is tweeting on Twitter with approximately 92,000 followers.  While I realize that it could be a staffer doing the tweets, I will say that they are more in line with what Twitter is all about than other politicians.  McCain’s tweets are possibly coming from his new Blackberry and are regarding floor votes.  Many who use Twitter – not just politicians, but some singers I follow – don’t understand it.  Either Meghan McCain has explained it very well to her father or someone else is tweeting as his tweets are spot on for the service.

Interested in tweets I make, you can find me here.  Maybe interested in following McCain, you can find him here.

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