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Free Food

Since I am not even sure if there is still a Quizno’s franchise in my area, I did not rush to the website when I first heard about it.  We have been deluged lately with free food from places I don’t frequent and feel badly about taking advantage of by going just for the freebies.


First there was the first ever sit down restaurant that had a Super Bowl ad – Denny’s.  This ad ran once during the Super Bowl and advertised a day when Denny’s would provide a free Grand Slam to people who came in between 6 am and 2 pm.  From news stories and video, most Denny’s were packed to the point that lines formed.


Next, there was IHOP and National Pancake Day just earlier this week.  While a short stack of pancakes was free, IHOP encouraged those partaking to make a donation to a local children’s hospital.  Who can refuse? 


Then, just this morning, I read about Quizno’s.  They were giving away one million coupons for a free sub.  Fantastic!  Not quite as open-ended as the Denny’s or IHOP offers but still, free food.


Do you know of any restaurant trying to improve its bottom line in a time of recession by getting you in the door with free food?  Should you convert to a paying customer – which is ultimately the goal of such marketing ploys, the freebies work!

One thought on “Free Food

  1. Who can’t use free food! LOL. Wish I knew of some places that offered a free meal to help a worthy cause. A small donation of $10 is alot better than $50 for a family outing.

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