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The Dominos Fall

Today has not been a good day for the Obama administration and some of the cabinet nominees.  Of course, there was the highlight of Vice President Biden swearing in Eric Holder as AG but that may be the highlight for a few days.


While it did not totally look like Tom Daschle would not be approved for Secretary of Health and Human Services, the nomination was in trouble.  If nothing else, if Daschle did not withdraw his name from nomination, the hearings would afford several days of the administration being “off message.”  On top of the off message issue, the questioning of Daschle’s ability to lead the Department of Health and Human Services would have delayed any ability of the administration to begin health care reform. 


Daschle withdrew his name from consideration just a short time ago.  He did what was best for the country, though not necessarily best for Tom Daschle.  Had Daschle used his brain back in 2008 when filing his tax returns, this would be a mute point. 


That big domino fell but was preceeded by a smaller domino.  Earlier this morning, Nancy Killefer had withdrawn her name from consideration for Chief Performance Officer.  Killefer had failed to pay $900 in taxes.  This is a small domino after now Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner’s tax bill.  Somehow Geithner managed to get through the confirmation process.  Unfortunately for them, Killefer and Daschle did not.

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