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Questioning the Ability to Govern

I know there are those out there that will say that the title is misleading, that they are sure I am going to be discussing Obama. While we, as the citizenry that Obama is president for, should probably be questioning his ability to govern and while he is involved in some way in my newest questioning, I am not discussing President Obama. I am questioning the ability of NYS Governor David A Patterson to govern NYS.

Some of the actions of Governor Patterson have shown great insight. He worked hard and submitted, in troubled economic times, his budget several months early. By putting his ideas for the 2009-2010 fiscal year to the legislature in December, there is truly the chance that NY’s budget may be approved on time. Unfortunately, after this bold move, Patterson gave a State of the State address which should have been a platform for his budget – the increases in fees and taxes and the decreases in expenditures. It was not this platform that it should have been.

Then, the governor had the debacle that was naming a US Senator to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton. He botched this action in so many ways that I could write thousands of words on it.

Now, comes town hall meetings. Disgraced former-governor Eliot Spitzer did a polarizing thing his one January in office. He gave a State of Upstate in addition to his State of the State address. Patterson, to his credit, decided that this tactic was polarizing and is, instead, conducting a series of town hall meetings around the state to answer his constitueny’s questions regarding the state of NY and his budget proposals. I admire Patterson greatly for this, or I did until last night about 9:30 pm. That is when the email came telling me that the governor was postponing the Binghamton meeting – originally scheduled for this evening and which I was pre-registered to attend – to next Wednesday.

I am not upset that I will most likely be unable to attend next Wednesday. I am upset, seething is actually a better word to describe my thoughts on this matter, over the reason for the postponement.

Most in NYS, and many outside NYS, recognize NY as a leader in providing child health care. To that end, President Obama wants Governor Patterson to come to Washington for a bill signing. While I understand that all good Democrats cower and do as the President wants – especially when those Democrats are the governors of states that need federal money to help with budget and fiscal disasters, I cannot condone Patterson leaving the state and postponing his constituency for a photo opportunity. Neither NYS nor the federal government has the money to fund the “politics as usual” request. Patterson should grow a pair – insert your favorite term for male genitalia here – and tell Obama no.

2 thoughts on “Questioning the Ability to Govern

  1. I shouldn’t be laughing, but I am. And, I can’t help but think, maybe he’ll bring back one of those pens Obama used … ducking and running.

  2. LOL – Good point, Lisa. I am continuing to be outraged as I finally connected all the dots and realized that this bill was just passed yesterday afternoon. This means two things: the governor left NYS and put off his own constituency for something that “might” happen and Obama did not allow the five day comment period he promised during his campaign on this bill – second signing, second time this has happened.

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