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Yesterday, as I was running to the 2 o’clock hour of CNN’s Newsroom, I was thrown with a report that the St Petersburg Times has a site that is keeping track of 26 pages of Obama campaign promises.  The more disturbing news, although I do not know why it is disturbing as it is politics as usual, is that the first campaign promise has been broken.


I have a hard time explaining to my first time voter son, who is currently enrolled in a NYS required Participation in Government class, how the good, the bad, and the ugly had already reared their heads in the new administration.  He did not see how the honeymoon could be over so soon.

First, I truly commend the Obama administration for trying to change “politics as usual.”  My problem, and one of the big reasons I was not an Obama supporter, is that those trying to make changes do not have enough knowledge of the system to do and have played the system previously and done so well.


I was excited to see that one of the first executive orders that President Obama signed was to initiate ethics reform.  Unfortunately, shortly after signing this order, Obama issued two waivers for it.


Is it reform if you immediately need to waive the requirements?


Is it reform if you set your goals so high that no one can achieve them?  I do not personally believe this is the case.  If the new president had brought new people to Washington to do the cabinet’s and the country’s business, those people may take longer to get going in doing this business but would not be tainted.

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