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New Music

I use to – last year for a few months – pay to listen to Yahoo! Radio.  I liked that I could skip songs when I wanted, no limits.  As Christmas approached and my teenaged kids wanted things like  Wii games and iPod nanos, I needed the extra four dollars a month so went to the free version of Yahoo! Radio.  I still turn it on every now and then. 


Occasionally, when I go to turn on my station, I am intrigued by either album offerings that are not available yet – Early Edition – or videos.  Today it was an Early Edition that caught my eye, or should I say my ear.


I have spent the last bit of time listening to NCIS:  The Official TV Soundtrack.  I have only ever been really enthralled by a couple of series’ soundtracks.  One Tree Hill on the CW is one of my favs.  I didn’t know whether I would like this or not but I do love the NCIS soundtrack.  None of the music is really running music – which I am always looking for – but it is good.  I will look for this album after its Feb 10 release date.


You can give it a listen at http://new.music.yahoo.com/programs/earlyedition/, although I am not sure how long it will stay there.

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