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Rick Warren, Protest and the Inauguration

I have kept quiet about political issues for way too long.  I took a little – a month or two – break from listening to all the politics of the US.  I paid attention but didn’t comment.  Now, I am getting annoyed.

Barack Obama, in an attempt to reach his promise for diversity in his inaugural celebrations and in his administration, asked Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation.  Rick Warren grilled Obama and John McCain at his Lakeside Church prior to the election.  Rick Warren is an evangelical pastor.  It is to be expected that Rick Warren will pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  I am not a follower of Warren’s, though I have read many of his books.  I am not a “follower” of Obama’s either.

I do believe that the President-Elect, regardless of who it is, has the right to choose who will take part in certain parts of his inaugural celebration.  Barack Obama, despite their political differences which are many, chose Rick Warren.  I say to those who are upset, let it go. 

People are upset that Warren may pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  Do those same people use US currency to purchase items?  If so, that money says “In God We Trust.”  For whatever reasons you may have, Warren is Obama’s choice.  Warren will give an invocation.  You may listen in silence or you may join Warren.  My suggestion, looking at the situations in the world and our country today, is that whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, you join Warren in his prayer.

One thought on “Rick Warren, Protest and the Inauguration

  1. Thanks for some words of wisdom. I did not support Obama at all. But he is to be our president for the next four years at least. Although he and I disagree on more things than we agree on, he has my respect and my prayers.

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