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The Email Alarm Clock

I know, you are thinking I must be drinking early in the day.  Who has ever heard of an email alarm clock?  I turn my computer off every night and, well, how would that work?

No, that is not quite the method I am looking at today.  I open my email first thing every morning – just my personal email, not work.  Occasionally, I get these cryptic emails from one of my kids who is away at college.  Suddenly, their lives have become so busy that they cannot wake to an actual alarm clock so would I call their apartment or cell and wake them up in the morning. 

I understand.  They will hit snooze for forever on the actual alarm clock.  I don’t give up so easy.  I let the phone ring and ring.  When they don’t pick up on the phone, I call back.  Sometimes, I have been known to wake up an apartment mate I am so persistent. 

Do you have an email alarm clock?

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