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Inauguration 2009

Not only is my fifth child graduating high school and going off to college in 2009, he is attending the presidential inauguration in January.  His economics teacher also teaches an AP Government class.  The class is taking a bus to the inauguration.  Because one AP class does not fill up the bus, students who were thought to be interested were asked to write an essay based on the historic quality of the 2009 inauguration. 

Not one to shirk his thoughts – he gets a few things from me and speaking up is one of those – my son wrote about why he didn’t think all this emphasis should be put on the inauguration being historic.  A direct quote from his three pages, which he turned in uneditted from Mom, is below.

As an American citizen I would like to see this social divide disappear with this new term and new president.  I don’t believe that Americans are ready for that divide to be gone, minorities still want preferential treatment in admissions, and women still want all the same pay and benefits as men but without having to deal with things such as selective service.

Believe it or not, the teacher did decide that Ben should be one of the ones that goes on the trip.  Off to fill out paperwork and write the check.

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