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Recovery Time

As we all know, recovery time is sometimes the most important part of training.  If I listen again to Dara Torres, she will say that at 41 and a well-trained athlete, her body does not recover as quickly as it did when she was younger.

Well, at 46 and many months, my body does not recover as well as it ever did and definitely not as well as a training athlete.  So today, in an attempt to help with recovery from doing over 12 miles in the two previous days, I am holding out my workout til evening.  I am probably going to be unhappy.  I know my back and shoulders are tight from working at a computer all day.  I am not sure if recovery will work as well when there are knots there to start with but it is worth a try.

How long do you generally allow your body after a good workout for recovery?

2 thoughts on “Recovery Time

  1. 12 miles! I’m impressed! You go, girl!

    Your post about Dara reminded me how much I am inspired by her, so I’ve just started adding some strength training to my routine, using resistance bands. 20 minutes, every other day. That’s the way I’ve always done any strength training, and it’s what seems to be recommended.

    I used to be able to do weights, but I’m really worried about being so out of shape.

    My walks aren’t nearly so ambitious. And, I’ve been pretty bad lately. Added those to the recovery day routine. Mostly to get the habits re-established, and I find it a good way to work the kinks out.

    I shoot for 20-30 minutes paced for aerobics – fast enough to feel it, yet still be able to talk.

    I haven’t measured it, but I’m guessing the current loop is a half-mile. Yes. I’m really out of shape. {rolling eyes} When I get back to my usual loop, it’s slightly over 2 miles.

    Since I’m using a commuter bus, I get a decent walk each morning and evening that I work at the office. Probably 1/2 mile. The bus stop is at the top of hill #1 and the office at the top of hill #2, at a decent clip (and lugging laptop) it’s a fair workout.

    That kind of “training” doesn’t require much of a recovery 😉

    But you are absolutely right about longer recoveries. A recent amusement park foray seemed to take 2 days to bounce back from. And, I will share that leisurely paced walks seem to really help.

  2. I am so impressed. I started falling off the gym wagon when I had to move my Mom here and I have never really gotten back into a routine. Too much overtime along with a lot of caretaking and there you have what started out as a legit reason and now is just more of an excuse. Working on getting back into the grind. My gym is 15 miles from me so I have used the high price of gas as an excuse, too :).

    Thanks for the inspiration! At going on 57, there are definite adjustments that must be made. I would love to run again but the joints won’t have it.

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