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February – Simple Abundance

February is the first month where we concentrate on one of the six principles of the journey for the entire month.  This month we will concentrate on gratitude.

I have to reiterate.  You really NEED a gratitude journal and need to make writing in it a nightly habit.  There are days when the nights are long and I also write about gratitude in my daily dialogue but definitely I write five things I am grateful for in my gratitude journal every night.

Second, please be sure to read the “joyful simplicities” at the beginning of the month.  In February, there is a joyful simplicity geared towards today – February 2.  If you wait until where they are placed – at the end of each month, you will miss information about today.

Please feel free to comment on any day in February on any post I have about Simple Abundance.  I really would like this to be interactive.  I am not willing to do an actual forum – which is where I lead a book group for this book the past three years – but I do like hearing what other journeying along have to say.

 February starts off with the discussion of a creative excursion.  Sarah Ban Breathnach talks of these creative excursions.  For those of you who have read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, you may be tempted to draw a line between this and the artist’s date.  Creative excursion can be so much more.  A few years ago in February, I went on a creative excursion to a tile store.  I was thinking about redoing some backsplash behind my kitchen sink.  The creative excursion of just going to the tile store and looking, seeing the possibilities, was wonderful.  I have also gone on creative excursions to Pier 1, to Starbuck’s to a new kitchen wares shop, to a thrift store.  I like to make these excursions something I will love!!  You should, too.

Look ahead to see if the titles – or teases as I think of them – on any particular days call to you.  I know many do to me.

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