Just my Thoughts

Honda Civic

Using recycled and “found” items to make art is a pastime/hobby of mine. The problem is I consider it art but a lot of real “artsy” people do not. That’s okay with me. I am happy in my little space in the world.

I had just sat down to watch the Jets and Bills fight it out. Figured the first quarter was not important and by the looks of the goose eggs on the score board, I was correct. I walked out of the room to get a water and came back in to a Honda Civic commercial. It was absolutely awesome.

First off, it showed one person who always seemed to be in the same places as another person. The other person was always throwing trash at a can but missing and wouldn’t pick up, or throwing trash out the car window, or just dropping trash in the parking lot. The first person would pick it all up. The final scene is the litter bug coming out to his car to find a tree on the hood and a big tag under his windshield that quips “you forgot to pick this up” or something similar. I was fantastic. Will have to look for it on the web and post.

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