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The Garage

This writing might be more appropriately entitled the obis. It is a mess in my garage but now that the Volvo is gone, I am working slowly on cleaning it out and clearing out the kids’ clothing.

Any mother – and maybe a few fathers out there – of more than one children will understand. You spend so much money on clothing that is worn for such a short period of time. I always hated, even as number six was born, to throw out the girls’ clothing or even the boys’ clothing that he was never going to hit the right season and size to wear.

I have decided that I have too much – too many boxes in the garage full of “stuff,” too much clothing in the closets, too many material things. To this end, I am trying to get rid of stuff. I am not getting rid of the outfits that hold extremely special memories. I am keeping those in hopes of passing them on to the kids when they eventually have their own children. But the other stuff, the every day clothing, will be of more use to someone else than to me so off it goes.

I took five bags of clothing to goodwill yesterday. I now have four more started. This is, a good deal of it anyway, children’s clothing so three or four bags is a lot of clothing. Not to be deterred, though, I also cleaned out my closet. If it was summer clothing and I had not put it on at all this summer, it went.

Well, finally came across a box with enough memories in it I had to stop. The rest of them will be there, in the garage, for another day.

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