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Exercise and Eating

I have been the mother to many athletes. My oldest son played soccer, lacrosse, tried football. The next son was a big football player – state champions his senior year – and a huge lacrosse player, even his first year in college. His twin sister ran cross country for a couple years. The younger daughter played soccer – year round – for many years and one year in college. She also ran track – was more a field events person, played basketball and played Little League and Teener League until she was 15. Yes, with the boys! Next son dives and plays tennis. Youngest son bikes – road tours – and plays tennis.

The kids have all had their own things. Susan – the soccer player – would require an Orange Julius for breakfast on game days. I have a recipe that is close and we would all have them. Elise – the runner – didn’t like to eat before running. The boys just always ate. Ben – the diver – is a big Gatorade fan.

What about you? I actually ran yesterday. Well, more a jog and brisk walk combined but still. I never eat before exercising in the morning. Told my mother that and she reamed me out. Told me I needed to have something with some carbs in it before I go out. So today, even though she is 3000 plus miles away, I had a pumpkin muffin I made last night when I got up at 6. Figured it would be okay as I didn’t leave the house til 8:10 or so. Well, I don’t know that eating before going out is good.

What about you?

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