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Friday Night Football

Friday night football sends chills down the spines of people in small Texas towns. Since I live in upstate NY, Friday night football doesn’t happen all that often. The school my kids go to does not have lights but last night and next Friday, the local football team travels to a stadium for Friday night games but, alas, I am referring to my beloved Mountaineers.

What single woman wants to admit she stayed in on a Friday night? Maybe one of a certain age but not me. What single woman wants to admit she stayed in on a Friday night to watch college football? ME – I wouldn’t miss a West Virginia Mountaineers game .

Unfortunately, last night was a blow to both ego and players. The Mountaineers went into Tampa, Florida to meet the University of Southern Florida Bulls (always thought of Tampa as being midway in FL but that is neither here nor there). Last year the Bulls – newcomers to not only Division I-AA (now called something else but always I-AA in my mind) but also to the Big East – came stampeding into Morgantown and upset the Mountaineers. This year the Mountaineers dragged their butts into Tampa and lost again.

Oh well, next week I will be sitting in the middle of my father’s Syracuse buddies at the Carrier Dome on the campus of Syracuse University wearing my blue and gold and watching my Mountaineers play in person! Go ‘Neers!

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