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Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day outside. Friday, on the other hand – when my Mountaineers lost, was an ugly night. But back to Saturday …

There was a huge contrast between the wonderful weather most of the country was experiencing Saturday and turmoil and upset the college football top 25 experienced Saturday. Teams were dropping everywhere.

The shake up in the rankings which is sure to come out with the new polls tomorrow started on Friday when WVU (4-0) went into Tampa to play USF (see previous writings). West Virginia was favored to win but South Florida had upset them just last year in Morgantown. Would the meeting Tampa be different? The way the game started was unbelievable – three and out, a huge pass reception by USF and, then, the game got going. Fumbles and interceptions started. The Bulls of South Florida finally scored and then they scored again. West Virginia was having no offense at all. In the end, the score – while against WVU – showed a lot closer game than you would guess. The number 5 team goes down to number 18.

Saturday was more of the same. Penn State left Happy Valley to have Joe Pa beaten at a game he has been in longer than I have been alive. It was amazing to see Penn State being beat by an unranked team. Colorado beat number three Okalahoma. That’s now three ranked teams whose games didn’t turn out the way expected. But things got worse.

Clemson – a team that I have always liked – was ranked 13. Georgia Tech beat them. There goes a fourth team in that 25. Florida State beat Alabama – another upset and another ranked team dropping a game they were suppose to win. That’s five! Rutgers – a powerhouse in the Big East (I know, football traditionalist don’t call the Big East a football anything) – loses to Maryland. Maryland? That’s six! Auburn goes into Florida and comes out victorious. That’s seven! And, then, as far as my soon-to-be 17 year old son is concerned, the most important game – number seven Texas gets a solid beating by Kansas State. That’s eight!

While the higher ranked team won, it was absolutely a struggle for Cal to beat Oregon in Oregon. That would count for nine upsets as the Ducks were favored to win. USC held on tight in Washington but that was a tough game, too, and could have gone either way.

Maybe we should have seen this coming – we the collective that are college football fans in the US. What did we expect when Appalachian State beat Michigan opening week?

What will those polls look like this week?

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