Just my Thoughts

Which Way?


Every morning I do an online jigsaw puzzle at Jigzone.com. I, unlike a good friend of mine, do the puzzle in whatever manner it comes up. She always does it in 247 pieces. I like to be able to see the pieces in mine.

This morning’s puzzle led me here immediately. The title is Which Way? and it is a woman standing at a fork in a path, looking off .

My immediate thought was Robert Frost. Then, I got to thinking more – a dangerous thing for me to do in the morning, especially when I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee yet and couldn’t get to sleep last night. Anyway, those second thoughts went to my newest obsession – and trust me, if this is truly an obsession, I am really sad shape – how to meet new people or my foray into online dating. Just some random, strange thoughts.

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