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Internet – Good or just there?

Probably not the best title for this but it is sort of about the internet. I truly believe that life-long learning is extremely important. It must be as many careers that shape our world – teaching comes to mind first – require continuous education. I have made it my “job” in life to keep learning. In the past, when I had the opportunity, I took a grant writing course. I read constantly. I peruse the local paper daily. I have found the internet both a blessing in learning more in my life and a true bane.

I love to cook. Through the internet, I have access to recipes I would never find in the many cookbooks I own. I am glad the access is there. I have subscribed to many email alerts on areas of my life. I usually check that my interests include travel, cooking, children. I fill out all those little forms honestly. If I am going to be spam, it might as well be relevant spam.

So yesterday, into my inbox comes a regular email from a food manufacturer which usually is right on the mark – things like shop once and get a week’s worth of groceries (I hate shopping – though the grocery is one of my favorite stores), cook once – eat twice. Yesterday’s email is about cooking for two.

I realize I am no longer cooking for seven – of which, in the last five years, at least two of these seven were teenage boys who definitely eat more than the average adult. I am cooking for two smaller teenage boys and myself – occasionally, the teenage daughter and her roommate. But I have never in my life signed up for something like cooking for two. What are they thinking? Nothing in my profile would indicate that cooking for two is in the future.
Oh, well, maybe cooking for two is something I should try. Any volunteers out there?

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