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Memories and Emotional Baggage

I admit to loving the TV show “What Not to Wear.” I, sort of , laugh as all these candidates for a wardrobe makeover ask that clothing not be thrown away. There are memories there.

I know we all have memories attached to inanimate items. I do have some clothing that definitely reminds me of times in my life – the dress I wore while in my girlfriend’s wedding and to the reception and activites after, one of my favorite maternity shirts (finally got rid of that one after child six).

What I never thought would be an issue was a car! I am not talking a car that is vintage by any means other than the fact that is an 86 model year. I am, though, talking about the first car I bought myself after my separation and divorce. I am having the Volvo taken away today. It is not in great body shape – having always been an upstate NY car, the winters have taken their toll. I have deluded myself since January of 2006 that I was going to have the problems with the body fixed. It hasn’t run – battery, not engine – since June of 2006 when the battery died.

I have decided I need to cut some strings. This is just one of them. The Volvo is being towed to You-Pull-It heaven today. I have it almost emptied out – it made for a great storage area, especially since it took up the entire garage basically. I have a couple of boxes to get out of the back of the wagon and two extra tires to throw in and I am done.

Good bye to some wonderful memories!

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