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I was talking with a friend over Yahoo! messenger the other day. Some comment was made that he had just shaved his head. I, in turn, offered up my son as having shaved his head most of his college years. It was a turn on for the girls. That left me a bit a shaken. Do kids not realize there are some things that should not be mentioned to mom?

Then, this whole thing got caught in my mind. I didn’t think this much about it when it was going on but now it’s stuck in my head. Suddenly, this morning, it came to me. I am not sure a college student would think this way but here is the thought process of a 46 year old.

Shaving someone else’s head (or legs or face or whatever) is indeed a bit of a turn on. Why? Why isn’t it just kinky? Because it is a trust issue. Think about it. You, if you are male, shave your face on a regular basis. This is saying something about your personality. Maybe you leave some facial hair. Maybe you only shave after a real stubble appears. Maybe you prefer a beard. But letting someone else shave for you is putting your body and your personality in someone else’s hands – literally.

The same goes for women. We have our (I will stick with legs here as I don’t really want to talk about armpits) legs. How often we do it says a lot about us. My cousin, who is about ten years younger than I am, says she only shaves when it is evident she needs to. She is married and has blonde hair. Probably shaving her legs every day would not be necessary. I have very dark hair and am single. I shave every time I shower.

But would I let, do I know, someone I would trust enough to shave my legs? It is definitely a thought-provoking area. And, with it does come some big thoughts on trust. And with that trust – if/when I let someone – is a slight turn on, just as I was told.

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