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The End of Summer – A Different Indicator

I sat outside in the lowering sun last night reading. I do this frequently in the summer as I live in an old farm house and there is usually more of a breeze outside than in. At the very least, I like being outside so..there you go.

The end of summer was evident in many ways. I couldn’t read until 9 pm because the days have become distinctly shorter. I was telling my 13 year old to shower for school in the morning. But my more private indication – I was reading a book that was not beach read material.

I spent the summer reading what my 20 year old daughter likes to call chick lit – The Other Woman, The Undomestic Goddess, What a Woman Wants, Sammy’s Hill – and all seven Harry Potter books. I was sitting outside last night reading All the Pope’s Men.

Definitely not the normal summer read and so ends another summer season.

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