Just my Thoughts

The Beginning and the Ending …

… of summer, that is.

There are those age old sayings about the beginning and the ending of summer. Living in upstate NY for most of my life, I understand the ending but not the beginning.

The first weekend of the summer season is always said to be Memorial Day. I understand the thinking but here, you are taking your planting in your own hands still at that time. This year was pretty safe, I think, but there have been years when the last snow still had little hints left behind on Memorial Day.

The last weekend of summer is Labor Day. This has always been true here – except for those years I was in college, when I think summers were a lot longer and a lot lazier. My kids go back to school the Wed after Labor Day (of course, even this has changed somewhat as only the freshmen at the high school go back then so my 16 year old is home to Thurs morning).

This morning is a good reminder that autumn is truly on its way. It is crsip and foggy out. It is 8 am and still no sun breaking through. The temp is just around 45F and I am having trouble seeing out my front door to the mailbox/newspaper box across the road. A beautiful morning for a run or walk – providing the speeding church-goers don’t get you.

What a great day! What a fantastic weekend!

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