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Labor Day Celebration

One of my best friends always has three major picnics a year – Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. In the past, the attendees have usually ended up around a few chairs with guitars and song.

This past Labor Day picnic was totally different and fantastic!

To start with, the menu was a bit unconventional for a picnic. We have had this type of picnic at their house before but still unconventional. We had grilled pizzas. There was also Italian sausage and peppers and onions or meatball for sandwiches. On top of that, there was a myriad of salads and desserts that others brought, lemonade for the kids and beer and wine for the adults who chose to imbibe.

Next came an even bigger surprise! Hubby plays in a band and consequently has mikes, amps, speakers, etc. The band stuff was set up under the back overhang on the patio. There were three of four guitars and basses that were played, several brave backup singers and great music until 10 pm.

It made for a slightly louder party than most picnics we have. Only one neighbor called – at 8:30 – saying he was sure we didn’t realize we were that loud.

At 2 am when I came home, the house was sort of quiet. And, we never saw police so we couldn’t have been that loud.

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