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An Icon Dies

I live in Endicott, New York – famous for a pro golf tournament, the B. C. Open, and for a cartoon artist. Last year it was almost the golf tournament that was lost. This past weekend it was Johnny Hart.

Johnny Hart created and drew, with others, Wizard of Id and BC. I love these comic strips. In addition to drawing these strips, I am learning that he also did a lot to help the way cartoon artists work. Inspiring someone to create a syndication where the artist keeps ownership of the strip is unique.

This area, along with many people if the guest book in the local paper is any indication, will sorely miss Johnny Hart. I think the area in general will be less. Many local non-profit groups benefitted from Hart’s generousity. I can’t remember a WSKG auction that did not have Hart strips or drawings in it. One local soccer group has a logo that he designed. Then, there is that golf tournament. The most unique trophy in golf is what one winner said. The logo and trophy are designs of Hart’s.

Those who knew Johnny Hart will miss the man. Those in the entire community will miss the man and the man’s integrity and generousity.

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