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Baseball Season

Okay, so I am told by the news, that opening day has happened. I use to love baseball. I can remember watching games – any games – as a teenager and keeping box scores in a notebook. That all changed in 94 due to the “work stoppage.”

I am one of those baseball fans that found other things to do after a bunch of spoiled, multi-million dollar players and owners fought over who was getting a raw deal. Top that off with a rising scandal involving steroids and baseball, at least at the major league level, holds no glory or interest for me.

I do still watch some minor league ball. A nearby city is the AAA Mets affiliate. Many players who now play in NYC were once in Binghamton. My 12 year old son loves to go to the ball game. While opening day is this week, I think the snow will keep me from getting tickets but I will consider a trip to the ball park the next week if the weather holds.

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