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Maine-Endwell School Vote – Capital Project

A few facts before I am accused of being biased – I am the parent of student-athletes. I am also the parent of honors students. I am also the parent of Science Olympiads. I am the parent of band members. These classifications are not specific to individual students. I am the parent of at least… Continue reading Maine-Endwell School Vote – Capital Project

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February as a Single Person

  Okay, now the football hype is over, the real commercial part of February starts. I shouldn’t really say it waited until the football hype was over. Valentine’s Day is what I am talking about and the stores where I live put out Valentine’s candy, cards and other items as they were marking down the… Continue reading February as a Single Person

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Why do you watch the Super Bowl?

I know, it sounds like a stupid question. But I am dead serious. As a marketing student over 20 years ago, there was the annual marketing class – regardless of what level course it was – assignment of watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. This was well before the exorbitant ad rates of today.… Continue reading Why do you watch the Super Bowl?

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“Guerilla” Advertising or just plain stupid?

I understand the field of advertising. I was a marketing major at West Virginia University. I have had a consulting type of role on advertising for a variety of businesses since then. What I can’t figure out is what idiot approved the advertising strategy used in ten cities nationwide yesterday? You all probably will recognize… Continue reading “Guerilla” Advertising or just plain stupid?