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“Guerilla” Advertising or just plain stupid?

I understand the field of advertising. I was a marketing major at West Virginia University. I have had a consulting type of role on advertising for a variety of businesses since then. What I can’t figure out is what idiot approved the advertising strategy used in ten cities nationwide yesterday?

You all probably will recognize this if I mention the major problem city of Boston. There were devices found all over the city that lead to streets and highways being shut down, the Charles River being shut down and some level of mass hysteria happening among the citizens of the city. I know that I would have been freaked out if I was living in Boston at the time or if one of my children were living in the city at that time.

The main thing I can say about the marketing stunt used to advertising a new cartoon in Turner Broadcasting’s Adult Swim is that I will not be watching it. Turner Broadcasting is a major player in the world of broadcasting. They have people who should have known that this was not a good idea. They have people who should have questioned the intelligence of this type of a marketing move.

People who approved this marketing strategy, the advertising agency who developed this stategy – within both Turner Broadcasting and that agency HEADS SHOULD ROLL.

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