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Have you found love online?

At the prompting of the Yahoo! 360 people, I will discuss finding love online. I will also tell you a bit about some parts of it.

The long and short of it is that I have not found love online. It is not for lack of trying. I did the Yahoo! Personals for a while. I may still have a profile there if I were to dig through. I don’t think so, though. I also have a profile on Cupid.com. I tried a few faith-based personals sites. The only profile that is currently active, and has been for almost a year now, is the one on Cupid.com.

Have I met love at Cupid.com or any of the others? Nope. I have, though, become very adept at not really answering questions fully – you never know who the other person is. This is really against my nature. It is normal for me to say, when asked about the age of my kids, that I have six kids from age 22 to age 12. My normal response in a personal’s chat or email is my kids range from 12 – 22. It is not bad until he suddenly realizes I am talking/answering questions about an awful lot of different kids when he asks other things.

I have also become very adept at avoiding questions about what I look like. I like the way I look most days. Unfortunately, I am not 5’10” and 100 pounds. After all, go back a paragraph. I have birthed six children. I am not huge. I am, from what my friends tell me, attractive. I am just not a model these days. Actually, I am not sure I was ever a model, except for maybe those two years from 19-21. I get sick and tired of the very first thing people ask is what do you look like.

I think the next thing I need to become adept at is getting pictures taken of me that don’t really look like me. This would be a pic where I was in full make-up and dressed to the nines. I don’t dislike wearing make-up and getting dressed nicely. It is just not the norm. I am most likely to be found in jeans and boots. Sometimes those boots are 3″ stacked heels; sometimes, they are snow boots. In the summer, I wear Birkenstocks from May to October (that is really an optimistic idea where I live) but I never have been caught wearing them with socks. I try to wear shorts most of the time in the summer but, again, I don’t live where summer lasts too long. I am not afraid to be seen in public in a bathing suit. I have three but none of them are bikinis.

While I have not found love online, I have found friends. Some are friends I may meet or have met. Some are friends that I just chat with online.

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