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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!!!

Well, I thought I had an image but can’t find one.

I love snow. It is amazing I have managed to live through this winter so far. It was in the 50s at the beginning of January. We have had negligible snowfall since October. It has just been weird. Cold, we have had. Snow, we have not.

That is all about to change, although I know I am jinxing it by blogging about it. We have a winter storm watch and it should become a warning soon. I am going to the store, which will be a zoo, and lay in provisions. I am going to be sure that there is bottled water and water in the tub overnight so I can flush the toilet if necessary – oh, the joys of having a pump and well for water. I am going to finally dig the snow shovel out of the garage and see about my snow boots also. I can’t wait!!!

I am going to do the snow dance tomorrow night – but not until after I pick up Suz from work at 10 pm. I really don’t want that three to four mile drive to take an hour.

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