I knew, even though or maybe because I had taken the early start, that I was probably not going to be finishing the race in under two hours and 30 minutes.  My goal in my mind was to finish and, hopefully, in under three hours.  I was sure I could do it!

I had talked with several of the runners also taking the early start.  One was sure that I would only see her at the start, not because I was fast but because she just knew.  I finally hooked up with two runners from Montgomery, NY.  Funny thing, I use to have relatives in Montgomery.  One of my ex’s sister’s married into a family from there.

Anyway, I ran a little slower at the beginning.  I knew I needed to start off a bit slower.  I would need what little energy I conserved at the beginning for the end as I wanted to spring across the finish line – doesn’t every racer want to look good going across the finish?  I caught up with the two women from Montgomery about a mile and a half in at the first water stop.  I was at 17 minutes, not really a slow start for me but I was feeling good.

The ladies from Montgomery hadn’t been training as much as I had so they were sure we would be fine together.  And we stayed together for a good portion of the race.  We were together as the real “racers” came barreling past us.  We received a lot of “good jobs” together as others who started at 10 am passed us and knew we were early starters.  Both women were younger than I was but Karen was injured and Donna hadn’t run in weeks.  At what I thought was 8.5 miles but was probably closer to just about 8 miles, I told the two of them to go ahead.  I needed to slow down a bit.

At about mile 9.5 I had an asthma attack.  I seriously didn’t think I was going to get that next breathe in.  My doctor and I will have a serious discussion about this soon.  I did what I have told my daughter to do many times.  I slowed to a walk, straightened my arms out over my head and took several short breathes, then deep ones as I could.  Once I could breathe again, I started running.

As I hit mile 11, I realized I was going to do it.  Even though I may talk a good game, there was a nagging voice in the back of my head that said I could stop.  I might not actually finish but by mile 11, I was positive I would finish.  Kristy and her running partner Dan passed me about mile 12.  I was trying hard as I came up to mile 13 to not cry.

Reaching a goal that you have set and worked for is an emotional moment.  I crossed the finish line and knew that I had finished under the time I had set for myself.  I was thinking I would go talk to Kristy and Dan but I couldn’t.  I knew I was going to cry.  It took a lot to get through the hotel to my room before truly letting go.  I texted a good friend to let him know my time.

And one last mess – I am totally not sure what is up with my photo ability in the last post.  I am going to put up a couple of pictures of what I came home with.

Quarter Zip Windbreaker

Close Up of Logo

The Goodie Bag on top of the Windbreaker with my Number

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