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Two Flavored Fudge

I am posting several of my favorite holiday recipes. Once you see what is in this recipe, you will understand why I only  make it at the holidays. With us in the grasps of the holiday season, I know, as well as you all do, that a lot of celebrations center around food. In that… Continue reading Two Flavored Fudge

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The Holidays Approach

I frequent a web site for moms run by our local Gannett newspaper.  Yes, there has already been discussion of the holidays on said site. First off, we are all interested in what someone else is doing for the holidays.  Sometimes, it is because someone else’s horror story of how parents and grandparents always fight… Continue reading The Holidays Approach

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How do you answer the question …

… what do you want for the holidays?   I have to say that I have been asked a lot of questions in my lifetime.  Some have been easy ones; some not so easy.  Unfortunately, I find one of the hardest questions “what do YOU want for (fill in the blank)?  This time of year… Continue reading How do you answer the question …