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Holiday Weekend

Since my kids are not traveling – other than to get home – for the holiday weekend, we are having a huge family gathering tonight at my house.  All six kids will be here.  Susan will be bringing her roommate, Margie.  Ben is bringing his girlfriend, Liz.  The kids’ dad is bring his girlfriend, Regina, and possibly, if softball doesn’t disturb the plans, Regina’s daughter Ashlyn.

Tonight’s menu consists of Andrew’s home brew, Meditarranean Cucumber Cups – modified to my liking as I forgot to pick up Kalamata olives, veggies and dip.  I will also have wine on hand for those who don’t want Irish Stout which is the brew du jour, I believe.  Main course will include potato salad, brown basmati rice and black bean salad, spiedies, deviled eggs, and marinated mushrooms for the vegetarian.  A Strawberry Tart is for desert.  Pics of the dishes to come.


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