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The Ascension of the Lord

Holy Days of Obligation are becoming like secular holidays. Let’s celebrate when convenient. This is the case this year with Ascension Thursday. The Ascension of the Lord The Ascension of the Lord takes place 40 days after Easter and falls on a Thursday. But, for the convenience of the world, it is frequently celebrated on… Continue reading The Ascension of the Lord

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Memorial Day Parade – Maine, NY

Every year the hamlet of Maine, in upstate New York, holds a Memorial Day parade that begins at Maine Memorial Elementary and ends the Maine Cemetery.  The parade is a little over a mile and a quarter and includes Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, fire departments and the Maine Community Band.  At the cemetery, there is… Continue reading Memorial Day Parade – Maine, NY

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Holiday Weekend

Since my kids are not traveling – other than to get home – for the holiday weekend, we are having a huge family gathering tonight at my house.  All six kids will be here.  Susan will be bringing her roommate, Margie.  Ben is bringing his girlfriend, Liz.  The kids’ dad is bring his girlfriend, Regina,… Continue reading Holiday Weekend