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The Holidays Approach

Well, everyone will be home soon for the holidays.  I would love to get the tree up and the food all bought before any of them get home but I doubt that will happen.  I am working on it, though.
I know that I have to get the pilates machine out of the living room.  To this end, I have worked on making room for it in my room.  This will maybe be where I use it or maybe not.  I haven’t gotten it all worked out yet.
So after my room is done, the living room is next.  I have worked on it somewhat a lot today.  I am done for the day, though.  Unfortunately, where I am is not a stopping location.  I need to move things around more.  I need to figure out where the tree will be.  It will take a long time to get it all back where it needs to be.

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