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I frequently question why Advent is such a season of conflict. Conflict, you may ask? Yes, conflict. Some churches celebrate this season. Some do not. You cannot get more conflict than that. Advent Calendar As a child, I frequently had an Advent calendar. Sometimes, there were calendars with simple Bible verses behind the door you… Continue reading Advent


Just Have to Share – Interactive Advent Calendar

I’m excited to share with you all Beck Valley Book’s unique interactive Christmas Advent for book lovers!!  If you’re looking for gifts or treating yourself, dive right into the Advent Calendar full of fabulous books from so many amazing authors for Christmas Gifts or for you to enjoy, special offers too! I love Beck Valley… Continue reading Just Have to Share – Interactive Advent Calendar

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Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent. Today I find myself at the laundromat. You’re probably thinking there’s not much in common. Where is this disconnected line of thought going? Waiting. Both Advent and the laundromat have waiting in common. Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year, the start of the church year.… Continue reading Waiting

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The Fourth Sunday of Advent 2011

I have been trying to post some Advent reflections the day after each Sunday in the liturgical season. Sometimes these thoughts come from memories of years past – as the first piece did – and sometimes from what I have  heard in readings and  homilies at church – like this one does.   The final… Continue reading The Fourth Sunday of Advent 2011

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Third Sunday in Advent

This is a third post in a series on Advent thoughts. It is getting posted much later than the first two but here you go. The third Sunday in Advent is Gaudet – the root meaning is rejoice – Sunday. Many reasons are available for rejoicing on this third Sunday in Advent. John is baptizing… Continue reading Third Sunday in Advent