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The Fourth Sunday of Advent 2011

I have been trying to post some Advent reflections the day after each Sunday in the liturgical season. Sometimes these thoughts come from memories of years past – as the first piece did – and sometimes from what I have  heard in readings and  homilies at church – like this one does.


The final Gospel reading of Advent – at least of a Sunday in the season – goes to Mary. While the reading is very similar to what is heard on December 8th – the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the homily yesterday took me in a different direction. I heard of a young girl answering a call. I heard of a young girl giving up her own destiny for that vision that God saw for her. I heard of a young girl setting an example for her peers and for us.


Think about what it takes as a teen to follow God and let people know you do. I have seen plenty of examples this past weekend as I went Christmas caroling with teens and families from my church on Saturday evening. Then, on Sunday, I witnessed a living nativity. The teens play-acted the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus.  You can see or hear of both by following the various links below.

Church Web Site Recap of Caroling

WICZ Coverage of Caroling

WICZ Coverage of Living Nativity

WBNG Coverage of Living Nativity

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