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Third Sunday in Advent

This is a third post in a series on Advent thoughts. It is getting posted much later than the first two but here you go.

The third Sunday in Advent is Gaudet – the root meaning is rejoice – Sunday. Many reasons are available for rejoicing on this third Sunday in Advent. John is baptizing people in the River Jordan. He is proclaiming that one greater than he will come and baptize in the Lord, not in water. One will come that John is not fit to untie the sandals He wears.

When I sit in church and hear the readings of Advent, I immediately go the musical “Godspell.” Many of the songs that come to my mind come from that show. “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” is probably the one that plays over and over in my mind.

While we are an Easter people – living in the belief of the Risen Christ, we are joyful to celebrate the first coming of Christ, as a baby to a young woman who conceived the child out of wedlock. We celebrate that a baby will lead us as we sit around our trees this December.

Let the joy that comes with knowing that Christ will come again and that He came that first time well out of you this Advent season!

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