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Mr. Gingrich

What makes Newt Gingrich electable? While Mr. Gingrich is known, and has proven that he still is, as a great debater, being able to deflect rhetoric and talk in a controlled environment does not indicate someone who is able to govern a country. Gingrich would respond with the fact that he did govern when he… Continue reading Mr. Gingrich

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On Sunday, January 22, Bob Schieffer did a commentary on definitions during his 30 minute Face the Nation program. Earlier in the program, he spoke at length with South Carolina primary winner Newt Gingrich. The commentary did not reflect on Speaker Gingrich but was about politics. Schieffer discussed the labels used in politics: moderate, liberal,… Continue reading Moderation

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2012 GOP Primary

I have been watching the GOP presidential primaries and caucuses with interest. I am not a registered Republican. I do find the primary/caucus/nomination process amazing, though. I am particularly interested in this year’s GOP as there is an incumbent president of the opposing party who is running for reelection. I realize that as a country… Continue reading 2012 GOP Primary

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Disillusionment: A Political Commentary

I have been a political junkie since I was young. I stuffed envelopes for my first presidential campaign at the age of 12.  Yes, that qualifies me as a junkie.  Imagine my dismay when I realized that tomorrow is primary day in New York State and the recent flooding had totally put it out of… Continue reading Disillusionment: A Political Commentary


Selling Personal Information

Just what are you willing to do to help your state remain solvent? You may wonder why I ask. The state of Florida DMV is selling registered drivers’ information. This information is not being sold to blanket companies. It is being sold to insurance companies, towing companies, car manufacturers. The state made over $60 million… Continue reading Selling Personal Information

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January Regents a Thing of the Past

Back during the making of the New York State budget, the Board of Regents requested $15 million dollars to develop and administer NYS Regents.  A regents is a test that is given in high school, statewide, at the same time and day everywhere in the state.  These tests include a Global History regents (given at… Continue reading January Regents a Thing of the Past