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Disillusionment: A Political Commentary

I have been a political junkie since I was young. I stuffed envelopes for my first presidential campaign at the age of 12.  Yes, that qualifies me as a junkie.  Imagine my dismay when I realized that tomorrow is primary day in New York State and the recent flooding had totally put it out of… Continue reading Disillusionment: A Political Commentary


Selling Personal Information

Just what are you willing to do to help your state remain solvent? You may wonder why I ask. The state of Florida DMV is selling registered drivers’ information. This information is not being sold to blanket companies. It is being sold to insurance companies, towing companies, car manufacturers. The state made over $60 million… Continue reading Selling Personal Information

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January Regents a Thing of the Past

Back during the making of the New York State budget, the Board of Regents requested $15 million dollars to develop and administer NYS Regents.  A regents is a test that is given in high school, statewide, at the same time and day everywhere in the state.  These tests include a Global History regents (given at… Continue reading January Regents a Thing of the Past

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What is Community?

Community! We all live in one but do we have other communities that we are a part of?  I know I belong to many different communities.  I frequently wonder what makes community and how hard it is to keep a community together. I am a member of the “running” community.  A lot of the runners… Continue reading What is Community?

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NYS Budget

What a difference a year makes!  Last year’s State of the State address was around this time.  Now, a new governor and I am watching the executive budget presentation on February 1st.  Better than that, the entire event – comments by Lieutenant Governor Duffy and Budget Director Megna and the presentation itself from Governor Andrew… Continue reading NYS Budget

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I’m Not the Environmentalist I Once Was

I say this – I’m not the environmentalist I once was – with great trepidation.  Unfortunately, I have to admit this situation to myself because I am reminded of it every day I run on the roads in my area.   In the past, I have been known to stack recycling up until it would… Continue reading I’m Not the Environmentalist I Once Was

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EPA Hearing Feelings

The people in upstate NY that live over the Marcellus shale formation should be happy that the EPA has chosen to hold a hearing in Binghamton, NY.  I realize that this issue is dividing our communities but I also think that public hearings should not be forums for long political speeches. The current rules are… Continue reading EPA Hearing Feelings

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The EPA and Security Issues

This coming Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency was scheduled to hold a public hearing on hydraulic fracturing as a method for removing natural gas from shale deposits.  The hearing, the fourth and last in a series of hearings being held across the country,  was originally scheduled for the Binghamton, New York area.  Binghamton is an… Continue reading The EPA and Security Issues

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Board of Education Update

Just a quick message to all of you out there who may be wondering what I decided to do regarding the Board of Education election.  I took a few hours yesterday – yes, I now know where my children get their procrastination gene from as petitions were due at 5 pm yesterday – to walk… Continue reading Board of Education Update