2018, Ho Hum

New YearI have to admit I was all about getting back to blogging more on my own site in 2018. Yet, it is the fifth and this is the first y’all have heard from me. Not so good.

I am still busy formulating my goals for 2018. I set a reading goal of 150 books. Last year’s goal was 200 and I missed it by seven and had read three but not added them to Goodreads in time. I am pretty certain that 150 goal will be a breeze to reach.

I have signed up for a Train Like A Mother five week course for getting back to consistent running. I have not been good about this at all in 2017. It has showed in my weight, my body image and my health. I will take all of those back under my control this year by getting back to running.

I also want to explore, via hiking, my area more. I have downloaded AllTrails app and am going to use it to see various places and hike more.

I know this is all chit chat but I will be here next week with concrete goals and let you all know what is going on.

Do you set goals? Resolutions? If so, what are they for 2018?

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