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Holiday Weekend

I was in such a hurry to get the post up on Friday that reviewed June and it is a good thing I did. Here it is Tuesday and mid-afternoon and I still haven’t written anything.


I’m getting settled into a groove with my clients. I seriously took the entire weekend off – which is not normal for me but I think did me good. I went into Waynesville on Saturday. I have some photos of downtown. I met some new people and had lunch at Tipping Point.

Downtown Waynesville
Downtown Waynesville

Sunday found me returning to St Margaret of Scotland Roman Catholic church in Maggie Valley. I am inexplicably drawn to this building and parish. I will take my camera with me one of these Sundays. My adventure for the day was to find Soco Falls. I have a ton of photos but will share one of the ones that found me in the middle of the water to take it. Good thing there hasn’t been a lot of rain this year.

Soco Falls
Soco Falls

Monday, because extra days are what holiday weekends are for, found me watching a parade around the lake. I left my car in the spot I found as I knew I would not want to walk home in the dark on the narrow roads after the fireworks.  It was a wonderful weekend but today has been hectic trying to make up for everything I probably should have done over the weekend.

Fourth of July Fireworks at Lake Junaluska
Fourth of July Fireworks at Lake Junaluska

How did you celebrate the Fourth of July? If you’re Canadian, how did you celebrate your Canada Day weekend?

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