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June In Review

On target or not?
On target or not?

I will be spending some time next week to re-evaluate and possibly re-set some of my annual goals from January. One area – the family area – is checked off in a big way and so I need to set new goals for that area. So here I go looking at June and if it brought me any closer to my annual goals.


I will not run any full marathons this year. Easy, peasy. Not doing it.

I will end the year with a combined mileage of 2016. Not so easy, peasy. My current total mileage is at 425 miles for the year. I should be closer to 1000 if I am to meet my goal of 2016. This is a combined goal so walking and hiking and biking help. Now, I’m getting more settled, I will hope to get more of each of these in.

I will embrace strength training. This has been a constant issue with me. I know the importance but have yet to actual do it. I’m going back to the BeFit schedule and mapping out July. Maybe I can strength train while I watch the Tour de France coverage mornings.


I am currently thinking on new goals in this area. My two goals for the family portion of my new year goals were to see my oldest get married and to move to the great Asheville area. Both have been accomplished.


Two of these goals – the final piece of my divorce being filed and processed AND paying off one ParentPLUS loan – are done. I am working at scheduling regular savings to be set aside.


I will find and join an Asheville CSA. I have opted to find a local farmstand nearby. I truly look forward to my trips here.

I will menu plan. I began this again yesterday. It is working out well now that I am truly the only one in the house.

I will eat whole, healthy foods.

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