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Living Alone

Living alone has always been something I looked forward to as I do not dislike my own company. Do I prefer to be with others? You bet BUT I equally enjoy time with myself. Getting in my head and thinking about life or religion or running or almost anything.

You can understand how shocked I was when it dawned on me, at the rehearsal dinner for my son’s wedding at the beginning of May, that this move will be the first time in my life I’ve lived alone. When I went to college, I may have had a single room as an RA but I was still in the dorm with lots of other people. Then, when I left the Adirondacks for West Virginia, I lived first in an apartment with two other women. Then, I moved into the sorority house. No privacy and definitely not alone.

I got married three months out of college so lived at home for those three months. Then, I moved right in with my husband. When the marriage ended, I had six kids with me and the house has never been empty. Now, North Carolina.

Front Door in NC
Front Door in NC

I’m on my own. I have a car and a two bedroom apartment. This photo was taken before I even had my plants in. Yes, I bought plants before I stocked my cupboards. My first major purchase for the apartment, though, was a new bed. The mattress and box springs I had been sleeping on NY were 20+ years old.

I am loving being alone to work but have yet to find a comfortable spot to work in other than on the deck. These days this works as it is hot and, providing there is no rain, I do not have a problem taking my computer out there.

One more quick shot of the table I chose.

My New Table Set
My New Table Set

When was the first time you lived alone? How did you like it? Or didn’t you?

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